Website Design Services

What makes our services unique is that we provide affordable, top-quality websites designed for small businesses and individuals. The web pages we design provide quick downloads, quality imagery and easy site navigation. We work closely with you to create the web design theme and details that you want to portray to your website visitors. From the first draft to the final product, you can view your web page design in progress and give us your feedback immediately, ultimately saving you time and money.

Website Design

  • HTML coding, dynamic HTML (DHTML), style sheets, JavaScript
  • Entire websites, design templates, or home page only
  • New or pre-existing site designs available.

Professional design services for websites that will portray the message that you want to bring to your targeted audience with the utmost clarity and impact. You can select the package that fits your needs and budget.

Web Graphics Design

  • GIF images - site navigation buttons, image maps, various size advertising banners, mastheads, backgrounds, and more.
  • Photo Enhancement Services - scanning, retouching, file compression and sizing.
  • New images or stock photo services also available.

Web Programming

  • MySQL database programming
  • Php
  • Javascript
  • Site search engines
  • Blogs, galleries also available

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization requires writing and designing code (HTML) so that sites will rank higher in search results than competitors. The most effective search engine marketing campaigns have a combination of effective keyword selection, optimal keyword placement, and link development for site popularity. We can also provide site submission to major search engines such as Google, AltaVista, Lycos, MSN Search, and many others upon request.