Frequently Asked Questions...

Here are answers to the most common questions we're asked regarding our Adobe® Photoshop® CS/CS2 Web Photo Gallery templates with the Paypal® Shopping Cart integration.. If you don't see an answer for a question you have, please feel free to contact us.

Can these templates be used for both Mac and Windows users?

Yes, these templates are designed to work on any system where Adobe® Photoshop® can be used. This includes both Mac and Windows PC systems.

Can I charge a shipping cost per item?

Yes, Paypal has just recently added new flexibility to their services which allows you to designate several option when computing shipping costs. Within the templates, however you can make some slight modifications so that you can charge unique shipping costs per item. If you would like your template to charge this type of shipping, go to your SubPage.htm file and open it for editing.

1. Find the line in the code that states:
<!--EDIT THESE OPTIONS (example shown below. edit value (photo size, shipping1, shipping2, @price). Also edit value before the </option> tag. -->
           <option value="4X6 @9.00">4 X 6 ($9.00)</option>

2. Change your option lines to include shipping 1 and shipping 2 values:
           <option value="4X6 s1=3.00 s2=2 @9.00">4 X 6 ($9.00)</option>

3. Every option will need to contain the s1 and s2 values, but you can specify them with zeroes. For example:            <option value="4X6 s1=4.00 s2=0 @9.00">4 X 6 ($9.00)</option>
           <option value="8X12 s1=5.00 s2=1.00 @20.00">8 X 12 ($20.00)</option>

4. Add the following two lines in the add to cart section:
           <input type="hidden" name="shipping" value="" />
           <input type="hidden" name="shipping2" value="" />

Note: s1 is first shipping charge that will be applied if someone ordered 1 of these items. s2 is the second shipping charge which will apply if someone orders additional items. In the example above, if someone orders a specific 4X6 print, a shipping charge of 3.00 is applied to the order. If the person wishes to order the same second 4X6 print, then the shipping would be $5.00 (3.00 + 2.00). If a third 4X6 for this same print is ordered, then the charge is $7.00 ($3.00 + 2.00 + 2.00) and so on...

How do I convert US Dollars to other currency (Great Britain Pound Sterling, etc) in the template?

The basics for converting from one currency is the same except for the unique codes required in HTML and in Paypal®. To convert US Dollars to GBP Sterling, here are the steps:

1. Go to your SubPage.htm file and open it for editing.

2. Change this line:
if (obj1.tot) obj1.tot.value = "$" + Dollar (amt);
if (obj1.tot) obj1.tot.value = Dollar (amt);

3. Change these lines:
<input type="hidden" name="currency_code" value="USD" />
<input type="hidden" name="lc" value="US" />
<input type="hidden" name="currency_code" value="GBP" />
<input type="hidden" name="lc" value="GB" />

4. Change each of your pricing options from
<option value="4X6 @9.00">4 X 6 ($9.00)</option>
<option value="5X7 @12.00">5 X 7 ($12.00)</option>
<option value="4X6 @9.00">4 X 6 (&#163;9.00)</option>
<option value="5X7 @12.00">5 X 7 (&#163;12.00)</option>

5. Change part of this line:
<input class="nbor" type="text" name="tot" size="8" disabled value="$9.00" />
&nbsp; &nbsp;&#163;&nbsp;<input class="nbor" type="text" name="tot" size="8" disabled value="9.00" />

Note: &#163; is the HTML code for £
GBP is the identifier in Paypal® for Great Britain Pounds

To convert in other currencies, here is a listing of common HTML codes:
¤ &curren; &#164; &#xA4; Generic Currency Symbol
$ $ &#36; &#x24; Dollar Sign
¢ &cent; &#162; &#xA2; Cent Sign
£ &pound; &#163; &#xA3; Pound Sterling
¥ &yen; &#165; &#xA4; Yen Symbol
  &#8355; &#x20A3; Franc Sign
  &#8356; &#x20A4; Lira Symbol
  &#8359; &#x20A7; Peseta Sign
&euro; &#128; &#x80; Euro Symbol
% % &#37; &#x25; Percent
  &#137; &#x2030; Per Million

Are there other options available in Paypal® to charge shipping and/or sales tax based upon vicinity or geographic location?

Paypal® offers a lot of flexibility in allowing merchants to setup shipping preferences. You can select the regions in which you will be willing to ship to, calculate shipping charges based upon the order amount, weight, or quantity. Shipping charges can also be charged as a flat rate or a percentage. Merchants can also setup separate International shipping fees within Paypal®. In order to use the shipping features available in Paypal®, you would need login to your Paypal account and setup your shipping preferences in your profile section.

Can I get a shipping address from my clients through Paypal® that is not the billing address?

Yes, Paypal® will ask your clients to provide their shipping address if different from the billing address. To add this feature to your templates, follow this procedure:

1. Go to your SubPage.htm file and open it for editing.

2. Insert this line:
<input type="hidden" name="no_shipping" value="2">
in the view cart section of your template page.

Also, if you would like your clients to be able to add additional shipping instructions, you can insert this line:
<input type="hidden" name="cn" value="Shipping Instructions">
into the same section.

Will your CS2® templates work with CS3®?

Unfortunately, we have not tested our Adobe® Photoshop® CS2® templates in CS3®. We have had clients recently who have written to us letting us know that they were able to use them successfully. We expect to offer CS3 templates in the near future, but have none available at this time.

Once I set up my size, cost, and style options in the templates, will your templates automatically generate the same info for each photo?

Yes, after adding in your unique pricing costs, photo sizes and styles to one page of your template, you are finished. Any gallery that you create from this template will carry each feature into every gallery created through the Adobe Photoshop program.

Do you have any flash templates available with the Paypal® shopping cart integrated?

No, we have no flash templates available with the Paypal® shopping cart feature. The compiled version of a flash object is proprietary and unless the source code for the Adobe® templates becomes available, we will not be able to provide this.

I am receiving the following error when I first run my template: "There is an error disabling controls for missing token. Some file or folder for selected style might be missing.". What can I do?

On some MAC systems, the program does not find the new folder as it does on Windows. To use your new template, you would need to change the directory names within the web photo gallery folder. Here is what has corrected this problem:

1. Go to your Photoshop CS2\Presets\Web Photo Gallery folder
2. Rename your existing folder that corresponds with the template that you purchased to another name. For example, if you purchased the Paypal - Simple - Thumbnail Table, you would find the original folder named Simple - Thumbnail Table and name it something different such as Adobe-Simple - Thumbnail Table.
3. Rename your new folder to the original Adobe folder name. In this example, it would be renaming Paypal - Simple - Thumbnail Table to Simple - Thumbnail Table