Graphic Services

We offer a full line of graphic design services to include:

  • GIF images - Site navigation buttons, image maps, various size advertising banners, backgrounds, and more. We can also create animated gif images. Animation is the process of taking a series of individual pictures and put them together in frames to give the appearance of continuous motion. A GIF animation is one that is created in a GIF file format. Below is an example of a static image and an animated image:
  • Photo Enhancement Services - We provide services such as scanning, retouching, enhancing, file compression and sizing. When working with images that will be displayed on a web page, many considerations must be made. One important aspect to consider is how to keep your image file size small while maintaining the quality of the photo. Two very common file formats are used for web images:

    GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) - Provides animation, image mapping, and more. One disadvantage of using GIF images is that they support a palette no greater than 256 colors. Sometimes these images do not display details adequately.

    JPEG (Joint Photographers Experts Group) - JPEG is better in showing color and detail found in photographs or graphics using gradients, blends, and other tonal variations. JPEG images also allow for varying levels of file compression which provides greater flexibility in the appearance of the photo. Two disadvantages of JPEG images is that they can not be animated nor can they be applied to a transparent background.

  • Photographic and Stock images - Professional local photography is also available through our affiliated company, TJPhotoArts. Hundreds of stock photos are available to choose from for your photographic needs.